Everlating productivity

 The E-CUBE 8 Series is an indispensable partner for your practice.
Your patients can enjoy individual service and care, and the healthcare efficiency will also be improved.
The E-CUBE 8 Series is a smart, reliable product that ensures high erformance with outstanding image quality and multi-purpose usability.
The E-CUBE 8 Series is the most rational choice for you.

Clinical Image

Excellent imaging performance

High-Resolution Transducers

High-frequency linear

L8-17H / IO8-17

Single crystal convex

SC1-4H / SC1-4HS / SC1-6H

Excellent imaging performance

 High-Performance System

Flagship model-grade platform

High-end hardware and software platforms from the top model produced by Alpinion.

With the Dual pulser, clear and accurate Doppler data can be displayed while maintaining sharp 2D images.

Frame rate increasing technology

Enhancement of image resolution and frame rate with the high-pulse repetition frequency (PRF)

Quickly optimize imaged in 2D, Color Doppler and Spectrum Doppler Mode

Simple yet valuable design

Designed for user environments

Articulating monitor & adjustable control panel

The monitor is horizontally and vertically adjustable.

Up/down adjustable control panel.

Battery that frees you from space restrictions

The combination of compact exterior design and attached battery.

Can move to a different location while in Exam Mode.

More time can be reserved for patient care.

SSD for quick exam preparation

High-end hardware, including an SSD.

Fast boot time makes speedy preparation for examination possible.

Enhancement of diagnostic flow

Volume Master™

Alpinion’s 3D/4D features that enable you to obtain reproducible planes and better anatomical views.

Multi Planar Rendering (MPR), Cubic View, and Multi Slice View (MSV) providing the clinical benefits of CT or MRI.

Auto IMT

The thickness of the carotid intima media will be measured automatically and displayed on the screen.

Stress Echo

The optimized examination workflow allows the user to perform a Stress Echocardiogram more quickly and conveniently.

Needle Vision™ Plus

Using Beam Steering technology, this feature is useful in showing the shape and orientation of the needle.

The needle can be viewed more clearly by adjusting the beam angle in three steps.

Design & Ergonomics

21.5-inch full HD LED monitor

The 1,920×1,080 pixel high-resolution monitor delivers sharp and clear ultrasound images. No image distortions and a wider field of view with the IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology.

Articulating monitor & Adjustable control panel

The monitor is horizontally and vertically adjustable Can move the monitor up to 90 mm vertically Can rotate it up to +/- 135°horizontally, or tilt up to +10°/-90°

10.4-inch touchscreen

A highly sensitive capacitive touchscreen with an intuitive UI design Improved convenience and speed

Built-in gel warmer

Warms up the ultrasound gel before examination The temperature can be adjusted in three steps according to examination circumstances

Compact transducer connector

Implement compact and light 4 connectors Effortlessly disconnect or reconnect the transducers, even in tight spaces

User-friendly Control panel

Control panel keys are arranged in the most efficient and intuitive manner Frequently used functions can be assigned to the three user keys

Easy access keyboard

A keyboard on top of the control panel, making it easy to access Reducing unnecessary tasks and shortening the examination time




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