Focused on the needs of healthcare providers for the higher quality of patient car,
X-CUBE 70 could born with Alpinion’s premium imaging platform, X+ Architecture,
Enabling high resolution, high sensitivity, wideband transducers and the software for various applications.
Beyond that, newly designed transducers and smart workflow bring more comforts to the patients and reduce the time to diagnosis.

Sensitivity & Penetration

X+ Crystal signature™ technology applied new single crystal and special materials

Frame rate

X+ FIT’s multi-beam receiving technology

Spatial Resolution

X+ FIT’s beamforming technology based X 10 data transmission speed X 14 data processing speed
* Compared to our previous model (E-CUBE 15 Platinum)

eXtensive Insight

 X+ FIT is a beamforming technology which improves resolution, frame rate, and uniformity.
X+ FIT utilizes massive parallel beamforming whose architecture is capable of transmitting 4 times larger volume
with 10 times faster capacity and also processing data 14 times faster than our previous model (E-CUBE 15 Platinum).
X-CUBE 70's high resolution imaging is a prerequisite for accurate diagnoses and quick decision-making.

eXpanded Capability

 The smart diagnosis technology of X-CUBE 70 can visualize the complicated area and obtain objective
figures instead of giving subjective images, therefore more confident and faster diagnosis is possible.

Clear Face

Clear Face detects a fetal face automatically and it removes structures that cover fetal face such as cord, placenta, uterus. It allows users to acquire clear view with simple operation.

X+ MicroView

X+ MicroView is the vascular imaging mode which displays micro blood flow. Users can observe the low-speed blood flow of tiny blood vessel. With this technology, low-speed blood flow areas which users previously couldn't see on Color Doppler are shown at the fast frame rate.

Silhouette Imaging

This new technology provides silhouette outlines of the human fetus and other structures clearly. By using Live HQ technology with a shadowing effect, Silhouette imaging technology allows to delineate the outlines of structures behind the directly visualized structure.

Depth View & 3D Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)

Depth View is a rendering mode to give the three dimensional effects by different colors on each depth.
3D SRI removes the speckle noise of volume data.
Both technologies are improved the contrast of image.


Point Shear Wave Elastography shows objective quantified stiffness of tissue using the radiation force from a focused ultrasound beam. Users can identify significant liver fibrosis non-invasively, so it reduces unnecessary biopsies and increases patient satisfaction. Especially X+ pSWE ensures the highest reliability of measured results by displaying the Reliability Index.

CEUS(Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound)

This is a function to diagnose patients using various angiographic patterns that appear while a contrast medium, administered intravenously, diffuses in blood vessels and organ tissue. CEUS has many advantages in various clinical indications for liver disease.

eXceptional Care

The convenient and safe management system of X-CUBE 70 improves the work environment more streamlined for healthcare providers.
The data management technology of X-CUBE 70 with optimized setting for the priority of physicians and the patient information
protection system provide you more efficient medical care.


X+ Assistant

X+ Assistant enables users to reduce keystrokes by at least 50% and save time when conducting examinations. The optimal scanning protocol registered according to each application guidelines increases the work efficiency by reducing examiner's fatigue.
The personal optimized protocol can be registered.
Also, it ensures users to examine without missing and the examination consistency can be enhanced even if there are a number of operators.

X+ Auto Biometry

When measuring Estimated Fetal Weight(EFW), the smart recognition algorithm allows you to automatically identify a structure of interest and measure fetal head circumference (HC), biparietal diameter(BPD), femur length (FL), abdominal circumference (AC) and Humerus.

X+ Compare

This is a feature that allows users to import patients' previous study from a PACS server or hard disk and compare when scanning and reviewing. By comparing previous images of the same region, users can easily observe the patient's progress, thereby making this feature useful for providing patient care.
X+ Compare can be used not only in scan mode, but in review mode (E-View) as well.
* X+ Compare supports ultrasound studies only.

USB Real-time Recording

 USB real-time recording makes data storage easier by
allowing users to record ultrasound scan images on
USB memory in real time. Videos are recorded as
high-definition and stored in system quickly.

Antivirus Solution

 As its automatic virus scanning function is activated
whenever the system boots, patients' information is
more securely protected.

23 inch FHD LED Screen

Enjoy a larger widescreen and clear, high definition images.

Tilting Touch Panel

12.1 inch high resolution touch panel allows users to tilt up to 15° for user convenience.

Additional Transducer Holder

Providing more ease to pick up the transducer and gel, the additional holder provides a convenient diagnostic environment to fit the body shape of user.

Motorized Control Panel

The control panel can be easily adjusted vertically with its motorized button.

5 Transducer connectors

5 transducer connectors are composed of 4 active and 1 optional.

Swivel Lock

On the system moving, by the attached swivel lock to control the direction of the rear wheel, the system can move in a straight line.

Transducer Technology

The primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images.

X+ Crystal signature™

The key to transducer technology is its process of generating a high sensitivity and wideband acoustic signal and receiving it
without any loss, then converting it to a digital signal. ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS has researched and developed the core technology
of transducers and X+ Crystal signature™ is the accomplishment of all the innovative technologies we've accumulated.

Reinforce durability with seamless transducer (SL3-19H)

The seamless transducer increases durability by using a special material, rather than rubber, which can be easily parted or damaged by contact with syringe needles, and also improved cleanliness with an all-in-one type mold.

10-25 MHz ultra-high frequency transducer (L10-25H)

Ultra-high frequency linear transducer, L10-25H, allows superficial regions to be displayed more clearly and accurately.

Comfortable grip (SVC1-8H)

The light and compact single crystal volume convex transducer features an improved grip.
* Compared to the transducer SVC1-6H, 20% lighter and 23% smaller volume

Patient FIT Transducer (EV/EC2-11H)

Minimizes patient discomfort during diagnoses with 36% smaller tip. Provides optimal care based on patient convenience.
* Compared to the transducer of previous ALPINION endocavity




X-CUBE 70 Catalog


XC-90/70 DICOM Conformance Statement


Transducer Disinfectant table


Transducer Care and Handling Guideline